The Charming Ex-Wife ( Lysander and Josiah ) Online Novel Chapter 690 - (2024)

Chapter 690 Injured And Resting

Dillon immediately pinned the blame on Lysander, making it seem as though she was the one who started the trouble.

Josiah’s brows furrowed slightly, and his expression had already turned sour.

In a hushed voice, Tiffany quickly said, My father and I didn’t intentionally delay for such a long time, Jose. The main reason is that I’ve never been to the countryside before, and he was worried he wouldn’t be able to take care of me properly. So, he called for some extra help from home, which is why things got a bit complicated.

The people who had gone there with her picked up on her subtle hint, hastily nodding in agreement.

Indeed, Mr. Guerra. We can all vouch for it. Mr. Lanister and the young lady have been particularly hardworking these past couple of days. They’ve been on the move constantly, asking questions along the way. They’ve never had to endure such hardship before.”

Finding this vast mountain range was exceptionally challenging-

Did you really ask your way here?Lysander asked, her expression slightly odd.

Josiah’s expression remained unchanged, but a silent scoff echoed in the depths of his heart.

Sensing something was off. Tiffany tried to use her innocent girllike appearance to feign ignorance and get by. However, Dillon hastily admitted it because he was too eager to please Josiah.

We did! If I knew those people, would I really need to struggle so much? Couldn’t I just have them show me the way?

Dillon didn’t believe his subordinates would talk nonsense. As for the time of departure, it was true that he had set out from Harborbrook that very day. However, he had to deal with some trouble caused by the hired thugs along the way.

By then, the family of that distressed university student would’ve taken him to a nursing home with the money they had. There was no way to prove otherwise.

Mr. Lanister, do you have any idea how long it takes for a person to find this place, all alone and without any sense of direction? 1, a grown man, traveled day and night, and it took me a full three days,Josiah suddenly said.

Dillon was immediately taken aback. He hadn’t expected that Josiah would actually disregard his work for a woman. Even at the time when he was most willing to make sacrifices for Lysanne, he had never gone to such lengths.

Josiah cast a glance at Dillon. Mr. Lanister, if you think my efficiency is lacking, you’re welcome to try driving yourself. You don’t need a driver or any of your subordinates. You don’t even need to go back to Harborbrook. Just try to drive to the nearby town.”

Immediately. Dillon fell silent, no longer daring to bring up the events that happened on their way here.

His subordinates, gauging the situation, also fell silent. They could hardly fathom that Josiah had personally embarked on a threeday drive just to locate this secluded mountain village. Unwittingly, they had made a fool of themselves by showing off in front of Josiah.


Chapter 690 Injured And Resting

The atmosphere in the courtyard of the health center immediately plummeted.


Seeing that she could no longer rely on Dillon, Tiffany signaled him to stop talking. She then took the lead, hoping to smooth things over with her pitiful demeanor.

Jose, regardless of anything else, the danger you encountered this time was indeed related to Riveron Corporation’s project. The entire fault lies with my father for not managing his subordinates properly. On his behalf. I apologize to you and Lysa. If it wasn’t for this project, she wouldn’t have been scared.

As Tiffany spoke, she bent in a bow toward them, intending to establish a moral high ground before anything else. However, the anticipated words of persuasion did not immediately ring in her ears.

Not only Lysander but even Josiah didn’t bother with pleasantries, telling her there was no need for such

an act.

They had already concluded that Dillon was the culprit in this series of troubles. As for the socalled long- standing relationship between the Lanister family and the Guerra family, it was likely obliterated the moment this fact was confirmed.

Tiffany was truly unwilling to accept it. If Lysander hadn’t meddled after that fool, Lysanne, was out of the picture, I would’ve become the lady of the Guerra family and inherited the vast Guerra family fortune!

Tiffany hung her head low, a flash of malice briefly flickering in her eyes. By the time she lifted her face again, it had morphed into an expression of tearful grievance. Jose, Lysa, my father truly didn’t know anything. If you’re still upset, I honestly don’t know how else to explain it.

The way it was phrased made it sound as if they had been the ones bullying her.

Josiah had long since stopped buying into this kind of talk. He simply stated, Since it’s his matter, let him do the explaining. No matter how much you say, it won’t make a difference. As for the actual situation, compared to vague explanations, I prefer to believe in facts.

Once those words fell, Tiffany could no longer guilt trip them, no matter how hard she tried. The only way she could stand her ground was to prove that these matters truly had nothing to do with the Lanister family.

As Lysander listened from the side, her emotions were a complex mix of feelings.

Unexpectedly, Josiah really did as he said this time, choosing to believe in the words she had spoken before. It could be considered as a way to make up for a bit of past regret.

It was just a shame that it came a bit too late.

Tiffany was momentarily rendered speechless. She found herself at a loss for words regarding Dillon’s matter. All she could do was hesitantly respond, All right, Jose. Let’s wait for the results of the police investigation, then. However, my father really is just working on a project here.”

Dillon kept nodding, fearful that the more he spoke, the more mistakes he could make.

Josiah returned to his previous expressionless demeanor. In that case, I won’t see you out.

Even though he wasn’t on his home turf, these people had come specifically for him. Naturally, he had the authority to show them the door.

Tiffany clearly hadn’t expected the conversation to end so abruptly. On their way there, she and Dillon


Chapter 690 Injured And Resting


were solely focused on how to deny any involvement. They hadn’t anticipated his demeanor to be so icy. cold.

Jose, why don’t you come with us?Tiffany glanced around at the pitchdark surroundings, gingerly clutching Dillon’s sleeve. On our way here. Dad and I passed through a town. The conditions there are much better than here. At least they have a hotel to stay in.

She thought if she could separate Josiah and Lysander, everything else would fall into place. Even if she couldn’t win his trust back, she could still gloss over the incident of the attack.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Josiah firmly stated, No need. I’m injured and need to rest. I can’t go.”

Finally, Dillon found an opportunity to express his concern. He said excitedly, Mr. Guerra, that won’t do. You need to take good care of your health. This place lacks basic amenities. There isn’t even an air conditioner in the ward. Come with us. Let’s go to a major hospital for a checkup.

Throughout the entire time, Lysander remained silent, simply observing the fatherdaughter duo’s performance from the sidelines.

Tiffany surveyed the dilapidated outpatient department and the courtyard, which appeared particularly desolate after nightfall. Subconsciously, she covered her nose, as if there was a truly unpleasant odor wafting through the air.

Upon seeing Tiffany’s expression, Josiah frowned and said, If you can’t stand this place, feel free to leave. Don’t feel obliged to take me with you. I actually quite like it here.”

Dillon, Tiffany, and even the others who went with them couldn’t help but exchange glances upon hearing these words.


The Charming Ex-Wife ( Lysander and Josiah ) Online Novel Chapter 690 - (2024)


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