Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (2024)

Our Mom’s sweet potato casserole is what you need to be making this Thanksgiving! It is wonderfully creamy, sweet, and topped with the perfect amount of brown sugar crunch.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (1)

I have always loved Mom’s sweet potato casserole. It is so delicious, it tastes like you are eating a dessert, before you even get to dessert.

This easy sweet potato recipe is the perfect Thanksgiving side dish recipe. You can make it for your next get together and will be sure to bring a dish everyone will love.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (2)

Sweet potato casserole is a classic family recipe, and our Mom’s sweet potato casserole is the best out there! Make sure to try it for yourself and share the recipe with others.

While this sweet potato recipe isn’t the one with marshmallows melted on the top, but our Mom’s Sweet Potato Recipe IS, and both are just as delicious! You can also try out our Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Mash Recipe or The Best Candied Yams Recipe (without corn syrup!) for more great Thanksgiving recipes.

Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container and they’re delicious the next day. This easy sweet potato casserole is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, and they’ll be a hit at the holiday table! Mashed sweet potatoes are a classic staple for a holiday meal, and mom’s recipe is the best. It’s a wonderful recipe your whole family will love! Plus, the typical American grocery stores will have all the ingredients you need for mom’s sweet potato bake.

This is seriously our favorite sweet potato casserole recipe ever. I always make a little more so I can store leftovers for later! This will become a new family favorite for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. The entire casserole will be gone so fast! It’s a personal favorite, and we hope you love it too. So get some fresh sweet potatoes at your local store and start cooking!

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Ingredients You’ll Need For Our Mom’s Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Sugar
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Vanilla extract
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Brown sugar
  • Pecans

How To Make Our Mom’s Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe:

To begin this recipe, start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees.

Then using a large pot, bring water to a rapid boil.

While the water is boiling, peel and chop the sweet potatoes, cutting the potatoes into 1 inch cubes.

When the water is boiling, carefully place the sweet potato cubes in the water and let them boil for 10 to 15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (4)

Then place the boiled potatoes in a large mixing bowl along with the sugar, sweetened condensed milk, 3 tablespoons of melted butter, ½ teaspoon of salt, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Once all of that is in there, use a hand mixer and beat it all together at medium speed until the potato mixture is nice and smooth.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (5)

Now, add the eggs to the potato mix and beat it together again.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (6)

When that is done, get out your 9×13 inch pan, spray it down with nonstick cooking spray, and pour the potato mixture into the pan.

Now for the topping, use a small mixing bowl and pour in the flour, brown sugar, ⅛ teaspoon of salt and whisk it together with either whisk or a fork.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (7)

Then stir in 2 tablespoons of melted butter and mix until the butter is incorporated.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (8)

Sprinkle that flour mixture over top of the potatoes and then evenly disperse the chopped pecans on top.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (9)

Place the pan in the oven to bake the casserole for 25 minutes at 350 degrees or until it is lightly golden.

After removing the casserole from the oven, preheat the broiler.

Then put the casserole in the broiler for about 45 seconds or so until the topping becomes bubbly.

Remove the casserole from the broiler and let it sit for 2-5 minutes before serving it.

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (10)

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To Make This Thanksgiving Recipe You Will Need:

  1. Large pan
  2. 9×13 inch pan
  3. Large mixing bowl (THESE are some of my favorites!)
  4. Small mixing bowl
  5. Nonstick cooking spray
  6. Hand mixer
  7. Spatula

So What Exactly IS the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?!

I know people tend to use yams and sweet potatoes like they are the same, but they actually are not. Yams will have a harder brownish outside and have a more starchy inside flesh. Yams are also known for growing to be very large.

As for the sweet potato, it has a lighter reddish brown outside and a bit more of a softer buttery inside as opposed to yams. Sweet potatoes also generally tend to be around the same size of a normal potato, but some may be slightly larger than a russet potato.

Check out Food & Wine to learn more about the differences between sweet potatoes and yams.

Looking for even more Sweet Potatoes?! You’ll love this EASY Instant Pot Sweet Potato Casserole!

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Serves: 12

Mom’s Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

Our Mom’s sweet potato casserole is what you need to be making this Thanksgiving!

Prep Time 20 minutes mins

Cook Time 25 minutes mins

Total Time 45 minutes mins



  • 2 pounds sweet potatoes peeled and chopped
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 Tablespoons butter melted
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 eggs


  • cup flour
  • cup brown sugar
  • teaspoon salt
  • 2 Tablespoons butter melted
  • ½ cup pecans chopped


  • Preheat oven to 350°.

  • Place a pot of water on the stove and bring the water to a boil.

  • Peel and chop the potatoes into 1 inch cubes. Once the water is boiling put your potatoes in for 10 to 15 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.

  • Place potatoes in a large bowl; add sugar, sweet and condensed milk, 3 tablespoons of melted butter, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and vanilla.

  • Beat with a mixer at medium speed until smooth. Add eggs; beat well

  • Pour potato mixture into a 13 x 9 inch baking pan coated with cooking spray.

  • To prepare topping, combine flour, brown sugar, and 1/8 teaspoon salt; stir with a whisk. Stir in 2 tablespoons melted butter.

  • Sprinkle flour mixture evenly over potato mixture; arrange pecans evenly over top.

  • Bake at 350° for 25 minutes or just until golden.

  • Preheat broiler (remove casserole from oven).

  • Broil casserole 45 seconds or until topping is bubbly. Let stand a little bit before serving.


Not sure if you have Yams or Sweet Potatoes?

A sweet potato, has a lighter reddish brown outside and a bit more of a softer buttery inside as opposed to yams. Sweet potatoes also generally tend to be around the same size of a normal potato, but some may be slightly larger than a russet potato.


Calories: 259 kcal · Carbohydrates: 42 g · Protein: 3 g · Fat: 9 g · Saturated Fat: 4 g · Trans Fat: 1 g · Cholesterol: 42 mg · Sodium: 226 mg · Potassium: 328 mg · Fiber: 3 g · Sugar: 27 g · Vitamin A: 10930 IU · Vitamin C: 2 mg · Calcium: 60 mg · Iron: 1 mg


  • Large Saucepan

  • 9×13-inch Baking Pan

  • Hand mixer

  • spatula

  • Small Mixing Bowl

  • Large Mixing Bowl

Recipe Details

Course: Side Dish

Cuisine: American

Mom's Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe (13)

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  1. Liz says:

    Yum - thank you.

  2. Morgan says:

    This recipe is A LOT like the one my step-mom makes (and I've since adopted) and if they taste anything like her, these are probably amazing! I can't tell you how many people (including my husband) I've converted to Sweet Potatoes through these bad boys!I don't think hers uses sweetened condensed milk, so these might take the cake. I'll have to try it out.

  3. Megan says:

    Is this possible to freeze and reheat?

  4. Michelle @ The Gathering of Friends says:

    This looks delicious! We included this recipe in our Feature Friday blog post today for The Perfect Thanksgiving Menu! We hope you can check it out

  5. Ellie Elliott says:

    Never tried sweet potatoes this way but I can't wait too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. lluvia says:

    Is it OK to use yams instead of sweet potato?

  7. Susan says:

    When the two pounds of sweet potatoes are mashed, about how many cups will it equal?

  8. Misty says:

    Hello! I try to cook vegan and I am curious if the eggs in this are absolutely necessary? I feel like it would hold together pretty well without them, but you're the expert! Thank you!

  9. Alicia says:

    Made this for a family reunion and came home with an empty pan. So delicious! My husband doesn't care for sweet potatoes and he had 2 servings. Making it again today for Thanksgiving.

  10. Cyd says:

    Yams will work too!

  11. Kristin says:

    Similar to my sweet potato casserole. I use orange juice instead of sweetened condensed milk. I also use ground up gingersnaps in the topping instead of flour. The hint of spice is amazing! So yummy. I make it every year for a Thanksgiving event with 40-50 people. It's always a hit.

  12. Cyd says:

    That sounds amazing! I'm for sure trying the gingersnaps on top! YUM!! Thanks Kristin!

  13. TONY LOVAN says:

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe! For sure I'm making this casserole for Thanksgiving. I`ll let you how everyone liked it. thanks again. yum yum. Tony Lovan

  14. Anne says:

    I can't wait to try this!! Is there something that I could substitute for the pecans or could I just omit them? We have a nut allergy in our family.

  15. Nancy says:

    my daughter can't wait to make this on Thanksgiving! We are vegans as well..hope she knows what to replace the eggs with?? Love the pecan topping. I want to try it with crushed gingers naps too. Maybe together? Thanks.

  16. Lindsey says:

    We are trying this to bring yams for Thanksgiving!

  17. Dee says:

    Just had this today with out thanksgiving dinner. It was great!!!

  18. Colleen says:

    I made this for our family Thanksgiving feast. It was a huge hit. I am not a sweet potato/yam fan, but this was delicious! I added crumbled ginger snap cookies on top as well. Incredible!!

  19. Rosie says:

    Hi, Can you used canned sweet potatoes? Do you think it would change the taste of the casserole?

  20. Cyd says:

    You can use canned sweet potatoes, but they are already cooked. So you would skip those steps in the recipe.

  21. Pam Salmon says:

    Good morning. Can I make this dish today, refrigerate and bake tomorrow. Thank you, Pam

  22. Val says:

    I do that every year, then just cook it the next day a little longer!

  23. Cyd says:

    Pam, I think we are a little late - but yes you can!!

  24. Alaa says:

    Hi there, can I freeze this dish after it’s cooked? And heat when it’s time to eat?Btw I’ve made it twice before and it’s an absolute hit! So delicious. Thank you!

  25. Cyd says:

    We have never tried freezing this casserole before.

  26. Tita kersey says:

    Made this tonight. Was really good. Will making this again..

  27. Christie says:

    Can this recipe be made in the crockpot? Trying to free up space in the oven on Thanksgiving.

  28. Cyd says:

    I'm sure you could make these sweet potatoes and then let them cook in the slow cooker for a few hours. We also have a candied sweet potato recipe that is yummy and done in the slow cooker. Your best option might be to play around with the recipe ahead of time before Thanksgiving.

  29. Maryann says:

    My family loves this recipe. I have even bought the yams in the can and used them to help save time.

  30. Amber says:

    Can this be refrigerated after step 5 to bake the next day?

  31. Momma Cyd says:

    Really after step 8. Just prepare up until the time you would stick it in the oven, but then cover and place in the fridge until ready to bake.

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