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Jaheira is the leader of some extremely resilient Harpers in the Shadow-cursed Lands and a potential companion. She's been adventuring for a long time, and has built up a network of allies as well as some enemies. This walkthrough will guide you to recruiting one of those allies for a touching reunion.


Jaheira is a Human Druid, and she’s been fighting for the good of Faerun for years. As a druid, she can change her form to best suit the situation in any fight, in addition to using a slew of powerful spells to help the party.


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Recruiting Jaheira

Jaheira is found in the Shadow-cursed Lands, at the Last Light Inn. There are a few opportunities to recruit her, or bring her to your camp, but she won’t truly join the party until after the climactic battle of Act 2. For more information on recruiting her, check Where to Find and Recruit Jaheira.

Side Quests Involving Jaheira

There are several quests that tie in with your companion's quest. These are the most important ones:

  • Find the Nightsong
  • Return Rakath's Gold

The High Harper

Jaheira’s immediate goal is to head to Baldur’s Gate and reconnect with her contacts. This can be accomplished as soon as you enter Wyrm’s Crossing. Head north of Rivington, through the South Span Checkpoint, to the north end of the road.

On the west side of the street, you’ll find a shop called Danthelon’s Dancing Axe. Whether or not Jaheira is in your party, you can let Danthelon know that she sent you, and he’ll give you a key after some back and forth.

Use the key on the blue double doors just southwest of the counter, then use the ladder in that room. When you approach the Harper’s, most of them will quickly reveal themselves to be doppelgangers. Kill them, then speak with Jaheira on the matter.


While the news of the doppelgangers is alarming, Jaheira reveals that her true goal was to find information about her old friend, Minsc of Rashemen. For now, she wants you to focus on getting into the Lower City for more opportunities to gather information.

The Lower City

Once you arrive in the Lower City, you can seek out more information from the criminal underworld, which has several entrances dotted around the Lower City. One such entrance is south of Baldur’s Mouth, in an alley inhabited by a gang.

You can talk your way through, but it’s easier if you just fight them so they don’t impede your investigation. Breaking into the building on the right, you’ll find a guild ring and several letters hinting at a turf war. As luck would have it, you can use one of the guild rings in a wall slot right outside the building. Interact with the wall slot, then insert the ring to reveal a hidden entrance that takes you to the Baldur’s Gate Sewers. At this point you should bring Jaheira along if she isn’t already in your party.

From the entrance, head northwest until you reach Nine-Fingers Keene’s office. Talk to her to learn that the Stone Lord she’s been at odds with is none other than Jaheira’s friend Minsc.

They plan to ambush Minsc at the Counting House when he breaks in, but they don’t intend to take him alive. Jaheira wants to reach him first so your party can spare his life, so head to the Counting House.

From the sewer entrance in the Lower City, head west a fair distance until you reach the building, it’ll be marked on the map, making it easier to find. Once inside, you should head up the stairs in the corner, using your sneakiest character and Invisibility to break into the far room. The book in this room has the year 1356 with a hint that it’s being used as a password somewhere.


Next, you need a bank pass. One can be found in the first room on the second floor, but you can also speak to the employees in front of the stairs leading down into the vault. Convincing them with a successful speech check will earn you a bank pass, or even grant you access without one. Follow the stairs deeper into the vault until you reach a large door with a large number pad in front of it. Using the password we found earlier, you need to activate the digits 1, 3, 5, and 6 in that order to enter. If your party keeps setting off the wrong numbers, you can separate the party and guide a single character to each number in order.

Once you enter the next room, you’ll have to fight a group of assassins, with the help of some bank employees. Try not to split your party too much during this fight, because your enemies can stun or otherwise impair your characters. When the fight is over, head into the vault to discover muddy footprints. You can also loot your enemies for a note from their higher ups. These clues both point to Minsc’s group hiding in the city’s sewers, so that’s your next stop.

Into the Sewers

You can enter the sewer from numerous entrances and go searching for Minsc, but the most direct route is through the door labeled “Keep Out” south of Lady Jannath’s Estate in the Lower City. In this small room, direct two party members to stand on the west and east sides of the room to open a sliding stone panel on the north side, then climb down to the sewer. This will take you directly to Minsc’s group and a fight.

In order to safely recruit Minsc, you need to deal with him in a specific manner. It’s easiest if you target everybody else, then focus on Minsc at the end. Then turn on non-lethal attacks in your passive menu, and only attack him with physical melee attacks. This ensures that he’s knocked out at the end of the fight. It’s recommended you quicksave at this point. After you knock him out, the nearest character will have a chance to convince Minsc that you’re allies, and if you succeed he will rescue his hamster friend and join you at your camp.

Return to camp at this point to wrap up this quest featuring the reunion of two old friends.

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