Chasing My Ex-wife Back (2024)

Chapter 1

Two pink lines!!!

Hailey sniffled, trying to hold back tears of joy as she stared at the test result in her shaky hands.

"Cole and I are having a baby. Oh my God!" She found herself whispering and a tear finally rolled down her cheek. It was so hard for Hailey to believe that something this beautiful could happen to her after all the heartbreaks and betrayals that she had been through.

It's been three years since she became the wife of a world famous Billionaire. Hailey gave Cole her everything, but he gave her nothing except pain and despair. She knew he had always loved another woman, the one who brought her endless painful memories but it didn't matter, this child could change everything.

She brushed the tear away with her free hand, smiling.

Remembering that today was her 3rd wedding anniversary, Hailey decided to put a bit of an effort into her outfit and look her best to tell her husband the good news.

While waiting for the traffic light to turn green so she could continue with her journey, Hailey looked out through the window and her eyes met with a gift shop.

Knowing she was almost late for work, She decided to take the risk anyway. She pulled over, entered the gift shop, and was out in ten minutes.


"What Cynthia?!" Cole's stern voice came through the moment he answered the intercom.

"Hailey Summers is here to see you, Sir," Cynthia responded immediately with a shaky voice.

"I don't have an appointment with her."

"She says it's very urgent, Sir."

Cole sighed, but his eyes suddenly glanced at the documents just sent by the lawyer, and his tone changed "Let her in."

A knock came through on the door almost immediately. Cole said nothing but the person on the other side helped herself in, making Cole look up from his laptop.

He frowned when he saw that she was looking gorgeous than usual and most importantly, that she had a big smile on her face. He also saw her holding a small gift bag.

"Why are you here?" His voice came out really harsh; just like always.

Hailey swallowed painfully. Her smile faded but she managed to gather some strength to say what was in her mind.

"Today's our 3rd wedding anniversary. Don't you think it's time you let the world know that we are couples? I felt this would be the right step to take since we are having a new beginning."

"New beginning?"

Hailey nodded, then took closer steps to his desk. She took out the medium squared box from the gift bag and placed it on the desk before him.

"What's this?"

"You want answers to everything I just said so check it out."

The box contained the pregnancy result as well as a baby onesie with the words, "I have the best Daddy" printed on it.

Cole didn't open the box to see what was in there and without a care in the world, he tossed the box into a nearby bin.

Hailey felt a tickle in her eyes but she tried to hold back her tears "Why Cole? You didn't even see what's inside."

I warned you to stay away from my office. His face turned stone cold and stared at her with no emotion. You thought you could manipulate me and have your way with me again by giving me some crap in disguise as a gift?”

"Coleeeee!" Her heart fell upon hearing his statement.

"And stop trying to act like a good wife because no matter your good deeds, I will always see you as the person who prevented me from being with the love of my life."

At this point, Hailey couldn't help with the tears that rolled down her cheeks. "I have sworn to you severally that I knew nothing about that night. I was framed!"

Three years ago, Cole was engaged to be married to Hailey's step-sister, Vanessa, but Vanessa didn't want Cole because she thought he was poor, so she drugged Hailey into spending the night with Cole, circulated the pictures among close family members and made it seem like Hailey stole her husband.

Vanessa was sent to a nursing home abroad for treatment as she said she was suffering from depression and Hailey had no choice but to marry Cole to save the family's business.

Hailey had been hated by every member of the family to date, most especially her father who loved her so much. Cole hated her even more because he thought Hailey was the one who drugged him and climbed onto his bed.

"We had a very rough beginning, Cole and despite being a victim, I have apologized so much, sacrificed so much, and gone through unbearable pain just to be with you."

"The joke is on you if you think that I am ever going to believe you." Cole opened his desk drawer, took out an envelope, and tossed it on the other side of his desk, close to where she stood.

"What's this?" Hailey sniffled, taking a glance at the envelope, then back at Cole.

"We are done."

"Wh.....what do you mean?" She stared at him with a heavy heart, her lips quivering.

Cole said nothing but glared at her.

Seeing that he wasn't answering her, She picked up the envelope, took out the contents in it and her world fell apart as she came face to face with divorce papers. Hailey started sobbing all over again.

"Divorce? Why?" She said every word with her heart breaking into pieces.

"I want nothing to do with you. Vanessa is back and is willing to accept me in her life."

"No!!!" Hailey sobbed, shaking her head. "This is so unfair! How can you get back with the woman who ruined us?"

"Vanessa has never liked you, Cole."

"Your words and the tears rolling down your cheek do not affect me. I will choose Vanessa over you even in my next lifetime. She is the one I've always loved and the one I want to be with. Sign the divorce papers and stay out of my life forever!"

"Please, Cole! I've got nowhere to go." At this point, Hailey had cried her eyes out. The last time she felt this kind of pain was when her father scolded her for sleeping with Cole. The old man didn't believe that Vanessa framed her. There and then, he disowned Hailey. And just so she could please her Dad, She agreed to marry Cole to save her Dad's company, hoping to get his forgiveness but he never spoke to her since that day.

She couldn't believe Cole was turning his back on her after she fell in love with him and on this fateful day when she discovered she was pregnant with his child.

"You are fired from working in my company. I don't want to see you again.

Chasing My Ex-wife Back (2024)


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