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“Sign the papers and leave!” He spat, his cold eyes stared at anywhere but her. ****Jessica has loved Brian since she met him and getting married to him felt like her wish came true. She devoted herself to him and tried her best to make sure their marriage did not fail even after Brian had repeatedly told her that he did not love her. He made no attempt to even touch her during their marriage. With his ex-girlfriend back in town, it was only a matter of time before he slipped through her fingers.One day, he returned home and told her that wanted a divorce and unfortunately for Jessica, she had received news that she was pregnant. She could not tell him about the kids and resorted to leaving, with the vow that she would have nothing to do with Brian knox and Angela White, his ex-girlfriend again.Years later, an unforeseen circ*mstances pushed Jessica back to where it all started and what happens when the first person she meets is her ex-husband?“Come back to me, Jessica.” He pleaded, his brows furrowing.Jessica smirked at him and shook her head. “The Jessica you know is dead. Now, this Jessica is a different person and wants to have nothing to do with you.”Brian decided that he will stop at nothing to win her back. What happens when he comes across three little cuties who looked so painfully like Jessica and him.“Whose kids are these?” He asked her.Her eyes hardened. “Mine, Mr. Brian Knox.”Will Jessica break her resolve and return to him or will Brian stop when he sees a man close to Jessica, thinking she had moved on?

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  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 26: BeepingJESSICA’S POVRain began to drizzle as I stood in the middle of the road with Brian who was staring at me like I was some ghost holding him from crossing the roads. “Hey, will the both of you leave the road?!” An angry driver yelled and it was then I jolted out of the haze of Brian’s bluish eyes. Cars were honking loudly as the drops of rain were made visible from their lights. I quickly dragged him away and led him to stay under a shade. “You are here?” His question was strange but I nodded. I had decided to come out to get some groceries since JESSICA’S POVRain began to drizzle as I stood in the middle of the road with Brian who was staring at me like I was some ghost holding him from crossing the roads. “Hey, will the both of you leave the road?!” An angry driver yelled and it was then I jolted out of the haze of Brian’s bluish eyes. Cars were honking loudly as the drops of rain were made visible from their lights. I quickly dragged him away and led him to stay under a shade
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 25: Jealousy BRIAN’S POV My meeting with Royals didn't go as expected. He knew things I didn't expect him to know which was shocking. I was starting to doubt that the reason behind our meeting was Angela. From the way he had ended our discussion, I had lots of doubts in my heart. I was meeting someone. Someone I must meet. I walked into the busy bar, angry that he had chosen this place. We could have used the usual restaurant. Does she even know that he was out this late? Was she okay with it? Scanning through the people inside, I searched for him abd finally sighted him sitting in the corner. Striding to the place, his back was turned to me so when I stopped, he twisted his head to the side. “Didn't expect you to be so intentional about meeting me.” He clicked his tongue, reaching for the whiskey before him. “Care for a glass?” He offered, his brown eyes meeting mine. I stared down at Freddy who wore a devious smirk on his face as he looked up at me, offering me a glass of whiskey. I s
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 24: HappiestJessica’s POV I was the happiest right now. The joy that was bubbling within me at the fact that we were crossing over a million sales and clients were sending messages to invest made me feel really proud of myself. I had thought that I would not be able to do this since Nelson had given me an ultimatum. I didn't want my father's empire going into the hands of that sick bastard. I will do everything within my power to make sure he does not. Bishop was hosting the executive meeting and I didn't want to be seen right now after the news of my marriage to Freddy. Apparently, the press had taken it up way too much than I intended for it. The door to my office slid open and I lifted my gaze. Brian. He had come. I sat up, letting out a deep breath. “I didn't expect Bishop to fix a fast date like this.” I mused. He slowly bobbed his head, taking his seat. I stared at his features. He looked tired and… “I managed to have my lawyer make some drafted contracts done yesterday. So you c
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 23: ReliefAngela’s POV I felt relief replacing the hatred I felt for the bitch on the news on my screen. So she was married to Freddy. Why does this Freddy man look so familiar? Where did I know him from? I stared intently at photos of both of them sharing a hug where he looked at her like he had been in love with her for a long time which I knew was a lie. Jessica loved Brian like her life depended on it and I found it hard to believe that she would fall for someone like Freddy who didn't even measure up to Brian in looks. What exactly was happening? If Jessica was just announcing her marriage to Freddy after so many years, does that mean that she already moved on from Brian and I could have him all to myself? A grin spread in my lips but it quickly died as I remembered that I had told Brian I didn't want to meet him. Damn! What did I do? From this news, it could be that he is down and he would need me by his side. I quickly went through my contacts and to my favorites. Seeing h
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 22: MistakeBrian’s POV Jessica was making a big mistake and I tried to let her see through it but she adamantly refused. I didn't know what else to do. I was confused and shocked. How did they meet? How did he manage to convince her to love him? Freddy. He has been my all-time enemy since the very beginning. He was everything a businessman was not. Brutal. Wicked. Cunning. I have had my taste of his cruelty when it came to business. He was one of the reasons I had lost so much in my company and was recovering from the loss. Now he has Jessica. I could not help but be worried for her. I knew that no matter how much I tried to tell her to be wary of him, she was not going to listen. I really wanted her to see that he is not who she thinks him to be. He was more than capable of hurting her in so many ways. Wait, does it mean he is the father of her kid? Freddy was her father all this time? Did he cheat on his deceased wife? I was confused. I knew Jessica would never do something lik
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 21: AcceptedJessica’s POVI stared at the comments flooding our sites at the launching of the products and that of my relationship with Freddy. I knew it was a good idea to let the world know. They had always thought Bishop was the CEO. Initially, I had done it because I was filled with fear from years back but now… Nelson was making me do things that were against my standards. I had resolved that I didn't want to give up my father’s empire to a cunning person like Nelson. He didn't deserve to own my father’s entire sweat work after everything he had been trying to pull at me. “Are you ready? We are about to start.” Bishop asked, entering into the office. I looked up at him from the iPad in my hands before nodding and clicking the pad off. We had arranged a conference where we invited media outlets where I would talk about the product. I have spent nights over the revision of this and had every word etched in my head as I rose to my feet, exiting the office with him. Dressed in my two-piece wh
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 20: Shocked To The CoreBrian’s POV I had heard from Bishop that today was the release of the product and I had been on my laptop to see how the sales would be. Jessica has been really shady about the product, I got the fact that she would not sell her product out to a stranger but I tried to see what exactly was so special about it but she hid it so well. Finally, it was released but the news that came along with it was not what I was expecting. Holly Empire’s Heir is not a male but a female! Well, I figured not everyone would know that since I was also thinking such before I met her. I wondered why she let Bishop take the media attention. Jessica was different, only if I had realized that early before letting her go. Now she was the key to my company’s salvation. I blame myself really. I scrolled past the thousand comments under the post and I nodded, understanding their shock and outburst. My phone vibrated on the desk and I flicked my gaze to it, narrowing it slightly at the brightness
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 19: The ReleaseJessica’s POV After two days of back and forth with Freddy, we finally agreed on the last content of the contract. He was quite shocked that I was stubborn and we had it my way. I would not allow a man to use me the way Brian did. It was high time I stood up for myself. And to add, I included some conditions for the protection of my kids. I would never put their safety in line and in a few hours, we would release photos. Everyone will know the true heir of the Holly Empire. Usually, people thought it was Bishop because I wanted it that way but Nelson had forced me into a corner and I chose to push back. I know he might be expecting that I stepped down but he would be shocked if he saw that I was married already, ruining his plan. Freddy walked into the studio, his eyes stuck on his phone and his brows furrowed. My brows twitched from where I stood and he looked up, meeting my gaze. We were supposed to have met at 8 AM for our couple photoshoot. Bishop said it was necessary t
  • Chasing My Ex-Wife Back After Divorce 18: Finishing UpJessica’s POV I walked into the company’s building feeling perhaps. I did not know why I was in such a down mood. Maybe it was because of the video call with Brian last night. Anyway, I didn't want to dwell on it. As usual, Bishop didn't disturb me, he must have sensed my mood. I even rushed the breakfast this morning with the kids. I didn't want to them notice the sour mood I was in. I ignored my secretary as I pushed the door to my office open, paused then turned to her. “I do not want to see anyone this morning. You can re-schedule them for the afternoon but now, I don't want.” I said to her, shaking my head in warning. She gave me a curt nod and I closed to the door to my office as I entered. Settling in my seat, I began to work on the files. My mind carelessly wandered to the image of Brian last night and I paused, closing my eyes briefly, and instead, the images became clearer. I opened my eyes, biting my lower lip in frustration. I should not let him do this to me. We

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