Baldur's Gate 3: How To Recruit Jaheira (2024)

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Finding companions to fight alongside you is a major boon in Baldur's Gate 3. While many are thrust upon your party regardless so that you don't fight alone, others are missable characters you may not have found yet. Others, like Jaheira, are a bit more complicated to recruit.


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Throughout all of Act Two, you'll have to make the right choices to keep Jaheira alive and on your side. This means that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for evil characters to recruit her. However, she is a force to be reckoned with and it's worth the effort for her to fight alongside you.

Updated January 3, 2024, by Sean Murray: If you're looking for how to recruit Jaheira in BG3, then you've come to the right place. We've updated this guide with improved formatting and more breakout tips to help keep Jaheira alive and available for battles yet to come. We've also given this guide more links to other helpful BG3 topics.

How To Reach The Last Light Inn

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When you begin Act Two, you'll deal with the Shadow Curse. This new element makes exploration and combat harder if you're not prepared, and there aretwo ways to reach this area, both of which lead to the Harpers and Jaheira.

If you pass through the Underdark, you'll discover a group of Harpers that initiate conversation and confront you about your business here.

You'll be interrupted by Shadows and have to fight them off. After the initial combat with Shadows, they'll tell you about the one light in the darkness: the Last Light Inn.

While Shadowheart is more resistant to the curse, the rest of your party may need help to progress through the darkness. Toggle your torches to keep the curse at bay so you can make it to the inn. Light any braziers you find along the way, too.

If you take the mountain pass, you'll run into Kar'niss, who will take you directly to Moonrise Towers.You'll be ambushed by the Harpers and have the opportunity to side with them, though it might be a difficult fight.

You can also make your way to the inn if you choose not to follow Kar'niss and instead enter the area via the Mountain Pass, but be prepared to fight your way there.

Regardless of your choice, make your way to the Last Light Inn. Once you arrive, you'll find Jaheira waiting for you.

Where To Find Jaheira

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As soon as you enter the Last Light Inn, Jaheira will initiate a conversation. She will interrogate you about how you, an infected follower of the Absolute, have not turned.

While she suspects you may have lost yourself, you can convince her of the opposite by passing several checks or by showing her the artifact Shadowheart has. Once you convince her of your purpose, she welcomes you to the inn cautiously.

You can have a drink with her inside the inn before the attack. You won't be able to recruit her right away, and there are several steps you'll need to complete before you can fight with her at your side permanently.

If you choose to drink Jaheira's wine, you'll notice that it's spiked with Klauthgrass. No matter your responses here, Jaheira will still be wary of you as an ally.


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How To Keep Jaheira Alive

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One thing that makes Jaheira a more difficult companion to recruit is that she has more opportunities to die than most other party members. Aside from actual combat, there are several opportunities to kill her yourself or have her die offscreen as an NPC.

To avoid this outcome and recruit her, you'll need to follow these specific steps.

Save Isobel At The Last Light Inn

During the attack on the Last Light Inn, you'll want to do everything in your power tostop Marcus and Ketheric's forces from taking Isobel. This can be done by leading an onslaught on Marcus and keeping the party around Isobel.

The fight will be difficult, but focus your attacks on Marcus first. Karlach, specifically, can deal a lot of damage, especially in rage.

If you are playing as a Dark Urge character, you will have the option to kill Isobel yourself. Resist the urge. Killing Isobel makes Jaheira hostile to you if you can't convince her it wasn't your fault. If you can't convince her, you must kill Jaheira to proceed, preventing you from recruiting her.

If Isobel is taken, Jaheira will know, and you must explain what happened. If you side with Marcus, you'll have the chance to convince her otherwise, though you'll still have to fight as if you lost the battle altogether.

If Jaheira is killed by your hand or another's, she cannot be recruited.If you fail to protect Isobel, Jaheira will be outraged that the light is gone.

She'll be at risk of dying due to the Shadow Curse, but you can invite her to rest at your camp in safety until you head to the battle at Moonrise. This will keep her safe until then, though thebattle in the aftermath of Isobel's kidnapping can be brutal.

You'll need to be prepared and keep Jaheira alive through this encounter if you want to recruit her after.

Save Nightsong In The Gauntlet Of Shar

When running the Gauntlet of Shar before completing the assault on Moonrise Towers, make sure that you choose to save Nightsong. The land will be forever changed, and Nightsong's survival will ensure that Jaheira lives, too.

Do not let Balthazar take Nightsong, and don't let Shadowheart kill her.

Killing Nightsong will weaken Isobel and the barrier, leaving the Last Light Inn defenseless. Everyone there, including Jaheira, will be killed offscreen, preventing you from recruiting her.

Once Nightsong is safe, proceed to theassault on Moonrise Towers. Jaheira will still be alive if you've followed the above advice, meaning you can still recruit herduring and after the battle to come.


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Recruit Jaheira At Moonrise

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Go to Moonrise Towers, and Jaheira will be waiting for you there. You must speak to her before you can continue.

When fighting Ketheric Thorm, it can be tempting to have Jaheira lead the army of Harpers, but your best bet to keep her safe is to have her fight alongside you. This ensures you can keep her out of harm's way if her health dips too low, and you can control her movements in combat.

When you invite her to fight with you, shejoins as a temporary companion. She'll help you reach Ketheric and finish off the first round, so make sure to bring your best fighters with you, as this will be a difficult fight.

After Ketheric escapes but before hopping down into the pit to finish him off, you'll have the option to fully recruit the druid, Jaheira. Speak to her and say, "Face Ketheric with me", and she'll join you as afully-fledged party member.

You can proceed to the battle and finish off Ketheric Thorm, ending the Shadow Curse once and for all.


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Baldur's Gate 3: How To Recruit Jaheira (2024)


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