(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (2024)

If you haven’t heard of a keto egg loaf you’re missing out! It’s a simple, filling meal that can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Spice it up right and you can also make it into keto french toast! All you need is three or four ingredients to create this delicious egg loaf.

(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (1)

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How to Make a Keto Egg Loaf

Tips for Making the Best Keto Egg Loaf

Sweet Low Carb Breakfasts

Egg Loaf For an Easy Meal

Keto Egg Loaf (1g Carbs)

How to Make a Keto Egg Loaf

If you’re looking to make a delicious breakfast that will last all week we’ve got you covered. I’m going to breakdown step by step how to make a keto egg loaf, as well as some tips below for making the best keto egg loaf. It makes 8 servings (calories 281 , and only 2g carbs a piece).

What You Need:

You don’t need much for this keto egg loaf recipe other than a few simple tools. Thankfully recipes like this make the keto diet super easy, and absolutely delicious!

  • 8×8 Brownie Pan– This is going to be the most important tool so you can actually bake the keto egg loaf recipe. If you would prefer the traditional loaf shape (will take longer to bake) use an 8×4 loaf pan. We buy most of our pans from amazon. Make sure whichever loaf pan you use is well greased.
  • A Blender or Food Processor– Most people already have a blender, but if you don’t use a food processor. This will help to create the most uniform batter for the keto egg loaf recipe. You can try a hand or stand mixer instead if you don’t have a blender, but it may still be chunky.

Making this keto recipe requires very few tools which is one of the reasons we love it so much. It cooks quickly, has easy clean up, and tastes delicious!

Pro tip- Want even easier clean up? Line the baking pan with parchment paper to prevent any sticking without having to worry about the pan getting dirty. Parchment paper is normally heat resistant up to 400 degrees. Check the label on your parchment paper to ensure it’s oven safe.

(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (2)


The nutrition facts of your keto egg loaf recipe is directly linked to the ingredients you use. While there are only a few ingredients we find that depending on the brand, carbs in cream cheese can vary quite a bit. Make sure to read the label of your ingredients ahead of time to know your specific net carbs count.

  • 8tbspbutter– Butter helps keep this keto egg loaf rich and filling. Butter has about 100 calories per tablespoon and 14g of fat. All this fat will keep you satiated longer than if you ate the same number of calories in carbs. We recommend room temp or melted butter for this recipe so it blends evenly.
  • 8ozcream cheese softened- Similar to what I said above, cream cheese can vary quite a bit in carb counts so it’s important to look at the different options in your grocery store and really read the label. Look for one with as few ingredients as possible, and that’s *usually* the one with the lowest carb count.
  • 8largeeggs- It wouldn’t be a keto egg loaf recipe without the eggs!

Optional but Highly Recommended

  • 1/2tspcinnamon- This helps the recipe to taste like french toast. We use cinnamon in the base and sprinkle a little on top when it’s done!
  • 1/4tspground nutmeg– Like all spices, nutmeg is sugar free and fairly low in carbs. The amount we use will be negligible in the carb count, but really adds a lot of flavor.
  • *Sugar free syrup*- Sugar free syrup is optional, but highly recommended. Sugar free syrup makes this egg loaf keto french toast in seconds.

We chose not to use coconut flour or baking powder in this recipe because we felt adding coconut flour might make the recipe too dry, and baking powder might take away from the dense french toast like texture. All that means for you is, less work, less ingredients, and faster cooking!

Tip: (8 oz cream cheese= 1 block)


Once your ingredients are out it’s time to start baking. This recipe has a total time of 35 minutes and only 2 total carbs. To make keto friendly recipes you just need a little time and patience. Let’s get started!

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F and grease a brownie or loaf pan using coconut oil spray. You can also line the pan with parchment paper instead.
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth in consistency. You want to make sure the eggs, cream cheese, and butter have been out to soften first for an even blend.
  3. Pour the batter in your brownie/ loaf pan and sprinkle additional cinnamon on top, if desired. We recommend a little extra cinnamon if you really want that french toast flavor.
  4. Bake for 25-30 minutes (time will vary depending on your oven and pan). It will puff up naturally (no need for baking powder). Once out of the oven and cooled for a couple minutes however, it will fall, this IS normal.
  5. Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes in the loaf/bread pan prior to slicing and serving. Once mostly cooled remove from the pan and slice. Top with your favorite french toast ingredients, or just eat it plain!
  6. Best stored in an air tight container in the fridge up to 7 days.

Tips for Making the Best Keto Egg Loaf

If you make keto recipes, you know the importance of following directions so they turn out properly. We’ve compiled some of our best tips for the keto egg loaf in order to make is as simple and delicious as possible every time.

Room Temperature Ingredients

This step is important because you don’t want clumps of cream cheese all throughout your loaf. Make sure the ingredients are room temperature so they will ensure a smooth, uniform consistency of your batter once whisked together! If you forget to put your butter and cream cheese out, just pop them in the microwave at a low level of heat for a couple minutes. We usually do level 3 for two minutes. And, for your eggs you can put them in some warm water to bring them up to room temperature fast.

Spicing up the Recipe

This keto egg loaf recipe is super simple and after a while may be fun to change up. Some add-ins we love are:

  • Chocolate chips- A gooey chocolaty mess perfect for replacing your childhood chocolate french toast
  • Blueberries- Blueberries give the egg loaf a fresh blueberry pancake feel. Just make sure to bake it a little longer because blueberries have a lot of moisture.
  • Peanut Butter- Swirl some runny peanut butter in before baking for a egg loaf swirl

These are some of our favorite flavor combinations, but feel free to have fun and create your own next time. You could add spices, nuts, seeds, or whatever you fancy that morning!

Making Keto Egg Loaf French Toast

This keto loaf is already really similar to french toast. To make the loaf even more authentic, slice yourself a few pieces and cook them in a skillet with butter on medium heat. You want the pale sides to turn golden and then you’ll know it’s ready. Top with keto whipped cream and sugar free syrup!

Bake And Serve

There isn’t much to this recipe as far as steps go. The ingredients are minimal and so is the preparation. Once you’ve transferred the batter to a pan (make sure it’s greased) all you have to do is bake and serve!

One thing to note is that a keto friendly egg loaf will rise when baked, but once pulled out and slightly cooled, won’t stay puffy. The egg loaf is dense and creamy. My preferred way to serve it is with some low carb syrup, while Matt enjoys to eat his warmed up with some butter to top. You can eat this for breakfast or dessert!

Note:this recipe is best stored in an air tight container in the fridge up to one week, if it makes it that long!

This recipe was adapted from keto.sam.iam – follow her on instagram for more recipe inspiration.

Sweet Low Carb Breakfasts

If you’re anything like me, you prefer a sweet to savory meal for breakfast. Matt could eat bacon and eggs all day long, but I need something sweet every now and then. The best breakfasts to me are muffins, pancakes withsugar free syrup, or egg loaf! We have tons of different keto breakfast ideas on our blog. Some of my other favorite sweet breakfasts are:

(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (4)
  • High Fiber Muffins– Before you make a face, hear us out. These high fiber muffins remind me of bran muffins growing up. The fiber will help keep your blood sugar stable, but everyone knows bran muffins were just a way to get your morning sweet fix “healthier”. They are sweet, cinnamon-y, and buttery, perfect for an on the go breakfast.
  • Low Carb Blueberry Muffins– Blueberry Muffins are probably my favorite type of muffin. They are such a simple food, but taste SO GOOD. These muffins are perfect heated up and served with a pat of butter for a sugar free keto breakfast in the morning.
  • Diner Style Keto Pancakes– These are a classic take on the diner style pancakes you remember growing up. They’re thick, fluffy, and don’t taste remotely keto. They have a base of coconut flour and are 100% nut free. Plus top them with sugar free maple syrup and you’ve made a low carb breakfast that won’t lead to a blood sugar crash.

Tip: You can make a double or triple batch of all these recipes and meal prep it for the week ahead. All the recipes are so tasty we promise you won’t get tired of them!

Want More Easy Keto Recipes?

You can check out our latest cookbook,Keto Made Easy: Fat Adapted 50 Day Guide, available on Amazon. Or you could check out our food blog for more recipes in every type of cuisine. Some of our easy, go to recipes are:

  • No Carb Pizza– This pizza has a base made of chicken, parmesan, and an egg. This super easy crust will keep you full and in ketosis!
  • Chicken Thighs In Roasted Red Pepper Sauce– These chicken thighs only have 2g of carbs, 38g of protein, and 34g of fat per serving, macros perfect for a low carb/keto diet.
  • Egg Roll In A Bowl– This is one of our favorite keto recipes. It has a base of cabbage and ground pork, but after that the world is your oyster. Sometimes we add green onions or thinly sliced carrots, and other times we change the sauce a bit to be sweeter or spicier. This is a keto recipe that’s super customizable to you.

These are just some of the easiest keto recipes, but if you’re looking for more challenging recipes check out other keto meal ideas on our blog.

Egg Loaf For an Easy Meal

We’re always looking for easy meals that take no real thought and everyone in the house will love. This egg loaf recipe is just that. You always have eggs, butter, and cream cheese in the fridge, so bust them out for a quick dinner after a long day of work. You can even jazz it up with different spices and fillings (think nuts and chocolate chips) so you never get bored of it. Plus using our notes you can even make a keto egg loaf recipe that tastes like french toast!

Let us know in the comments below your favorite way to make and eat this easy egg loaf recipe!

(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (5)

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(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (6)

Keto Egg Loaf (1g Carbs)

A high fat, high protein loaf that resembles cinnamon french toast when topped with sugar-free maple syrup.

Total Time 35 minutes minutes

Servings 8 Servings

Calories per serving 281kcal

Prep Time: 5 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes minutes

Print Rate

What You Need:

  • 8×8 Brownie Pan


  • 8 tbsp butter
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 8 large eggs
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

US CustomaryMetric


  • Preheat your oven to 350°F and grease a brownie pan using coconut oil spray.

  • Combine all the ingredients in a blender until smooth in consistency.

  • Pour the batter in the brownie pan and sprinkle additional cinnamon on top, if desired.

  • Bake for 25-30 minutes (time will vary depending on your oven). It will puff up when baked, but fall once out of the oven and cooled for a couple minutes.

  • Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes prior to slicing and serving.

  • Best stored in an air tight container in the fridge up to 5 days.



Net Carbs: 1g

Serving Size: 1 Slice

Yields: 8 Slices

Nutrition Facts

Keto Egg Loaf (1g Carbs)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 281Calories from Fat 243

% Daily Value*

Fat 27g42%

Carbohydrates 2g1%

Fiber 1g4%

Protein 9g18%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.



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(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (7)

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(1g Carb) THREE Ingredient KETO Egg Loaf Recipe - KetoConnect (2024)


How many carbs are in a keto egg loaf? ›

Nutritional information & Macros
Amount Per Serving
Total Carbs3.9g
Net Carbs2.8g
1 more row

Can you eat too many eggs on keto? ›

It's totally fine and safe to eat up to 6 eggs a day while on the keto diet. You can consume even more eggs per day occasionally, as long as you make sure that you eat your greens, healthy fats and proteins from other sources.

What is the egg fast for 3 days on keto? ›

BOTTOM LINE: An egg fast is an extreme, brief version of the keto diet that restricts you to eating mostly eggs, cheese, and butter for 3–5 days. It may promote short-term weight loss, but it risks nutrient deficiencies and weight regain.

Can you eat bacon and eggs on keto? ›

Enjoy with Eggs and Vegetables

For a keto-friendly dish, sauté some bacon, diced uncured ham, and leafy greens like spinach and kale in oil. When the filling is cooked, fold it into scrambled eggs or use it to make a frittata.

Does eating keto bread keep you in ketosis? ›

Keto bread is a thing and it does exist. You can buy it from the shops or you can have a go at making it yourself. Either way, it's made using low carb ingredients that, if eaten as part of a keto diet, will help you to achieve ketosis.

Is keto bread really zero carbs? ›

The keto diet promotes no grains, starches, sugars or preservatives, and Aldi's L'Oven bread has three out of the four of those features. Technically, it does have zero net carbs, though, and most keto diets aim for limiting carbs to 20 to 50 grams per day.

What foods are unlimited on keto? ›

Foods you can eat on the keto diet include fish and seafood, meat and poultry, non-starchy vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, and zucchini, avocados, berries, nuts and seeds, eggs, high-fat dairy products, olive oil and other oils, and high-cocoa chocolate.

Can you eat 10 eggs a day for keto? ›

The good news is that you can effectively eat as many eggs as you want on a ketogenic diet, as long as they fit your overall calorie and macronutrient requirements. Eggs have a fantastic macro profile nearly identical to the 'ideal' keto ratio.

Is peanut butter OK on keto? ›

Peanut butter can definitely be part of a keto diet, but it's best to stick to plain options that are free of extra flavors and sweeteners. Almond butter is a good choice, too, and it's slightly lower in carbs. Additionally, you should be mindful of your portion size if you're trying to lose weight.

What are the side effects of keto egg fast? ›

An egg fast usually only lasts a few days. Scientists have not studied the impact of an egg fast on the body. Ketogenic diets in general can have several possible short-term and long-term side effects. These range from upset stomachs and dizziness, to kidney and liver problems, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

What is the longest you should fast on keto? ›

In some controlled cases, a doctor may recommend fasting periods of 24–48 hours , but most people do not need to fast this long to reach ketosis. IF may also help manage obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and it may also protect against certain cancers and neurological disorders.

Can you lose 3 pounds a week on keto? ›

If a person follows the 75% fat /20% carb/5% fat keto diet, average results may look like this: Weeks 1–2: rapid weight reduction phase due to water loss – up to ten pounds. Weeks 2–4: standard weight reduction – between one and two pounds per week. After the first month – slow weight loss – around one pound per week.

What is the best breakfast meat for keto diet? ›

Many people on the keto diet enjoy eating sausage for breakfast because it keeps them full until lunchtime. Sausage can be a great keto food because it is high in protein, high in fat, and low in carbs.

Which bacon is best for keto? ›

Opt for uncured bacon

Conventionally cured bacon contains sugar and preservatives like sodium nitrates and nitrites. On keto, you want to avoid sugars and limit nitrates/nitrites. That's why uncured bacon is a popular choice for a healthy diet.

Is cheese a keto? ›

All types of cheese are allowed on the keto diet, as cheese is relatively low in carbohydrate, which complies with the key principle of the keto diet. The Ketogenic diet or “keto” diet is a low carbohydrate and high fat eating plan.

How many carbs are eggs on keto? ›

Because each large egg contains less than 1 gram of carbs and about 6 grams of protein, eggs can be ideal for keto ( 24 ). In addition, eggs have been shown to trigger hormones that increase feelings of fullness ( 25 ).

How many carbs are in a keto bowl? ›

Macros for the entire bowl: 590 Calories / 42g fat/ 32g protein/ 7g net carbs.

How many carbs are in keto dough? ›

With only 1g net carbs per slice, Modern Mountain's Keto Pizza Crust is an easy, delicious, and guilt-free dinner or snack option that helps to make hitting your diet and fitness goals that much easier.

How many carbs are in keto egg bites? ›

Trust me, you'll love these low-carb egg muffins. So moist, so tasty, and so cheesy. Anyways, if you are following a low-carb and keto diet, this recipe is perfect for you. Each egg bite has 6 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of carbs, and is packed with bacon, cheese, and spinach.


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